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  • Hi Maddie

    Amusing! No, I'm not Nigerian, but my thanks for the compliment - it is my job to be well-versed in these things!
  • Hi guest

    Normally this scam works the other way around, with the scammer sending a certified cheque away in order to secure an item for resale, only to have the cheque bounce of the seller. Still, you should never wire money anywhere wi…
  • Hi ghtl1066

    I'm sorry to tell you that your situation is very likely a scam. The common trend among internet scammers is to cause victims to fall for them online and to then trick them into sending money abroad so they can meet one anot…
  • Hi Piyush

    Lagos is a potentially dangerous city but not so much so that it is not inhabitable or to say that one should avoid all travel there. Stick to basic safety principles, avoiding too much activity at night, travelling in groups …
  • Any request for money for a Basic Travel Allowance is almost certainly a scam. In so far as I can tell, the BTA provision is not in effect in any country in the world.

    Unlike the BTA, the PTA (Prepaid Ticket Advice) is a real travel te…
  • Hi

    Coming from the US or Philippines you will need to enter on the 90-day tourist visa. The next document you need is a 'Pase de Transeunte' which can only be provided with the signature of two Venezuelan witnesses and a letter from you…
  • Hi

    You can pay for your visa upon arrival in you own currency. Simply approach the bank kiosks in the arrivals hall before going through passport control. Enjoy!
  • Hi Scrappy

    What would you like to know about the bank? Here is a link to their website in case it was general information you were looking for (http://www.cenbank.org/IntOps/FXMarket.asp).

    The scams in Nigeria take many fo…
  • Hi

    City busses run daily between Trogir and Split and are very affordable so you really don't have to worry with finding a guide. The trip is about 45 minutes either way so budget your time carefully and, otherwise, enjoy the cruise!
  • Hi Rahul

    Broadly you'll want to take care when travelling to Lagos. There are several small and start-up business scams cropping up and violent crime such as hijackings and muggings are frequent. Polio, TB and Malaria are dangerous dise…
  • Hi

    If I understand correctly, you're looking for a Togo embassy in the UK? Unfortunately there is none. Your nearest bet is the Togo Embassy in Paris, France. You can call them at 00 33 1 4380 1213. The address is no. 8 Rue Alfred–Ro…
  • Hello Benita,

    Since locals seldom tip, it is always appreciated when tourists do. Waiters in resort and hotel restaurants generally expect a tip of 10% of the meal bill. Note that restaurant owners benefit from group bookings; waiters r…
  • Hello Kim,

    All of the below are an option but the most hassle free way is to draw money using Visa, Mastercard, Access, American Express credit cards and Delta and Maestro debit cards. Some cruises offer these facilities on the ship its…
  • Hello Lisa,

    Almost all long distance international trains in western Europe (plus many internal trains) now require rail pass holders to pay for either a reservation (costing around 4 euros or £3 on top of the rail pass price) or a spec…
  • Hi Lizl, Generally, the best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season, between April and October. Bali has numerous, year-round, attractions to offer: reef snorkelling, diving, surfing, cultural sights, and of course sun tanning on the …
  • Hi Karen,

    There are some true gems off the beaten track. Consider the following options for your island adventure:

    Honda Bay, Palawan
    Palawan also offers the Philippines' best dive spot at the Tubbataha Reef Marine Pa…
  • Hi Annette

    On Patmos, many tourists ride out to the town of Chora to visit the Monastery of St. John and the cave in which it said that God handed down the text of Revelations to John the Evangelist. Also popular is a short ride down to…
  • Hi Salli

    The Andes, wherein we find Cusco and the Inca Trail, have heights ranging from 2000 to 4200m above sea level. A traveller flying in to the Andes will likely suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) within the first 48 hours o…
  • Hello Shelley

    The island Republic of Palau is located 800 km east of the Philippines and 3 200 km south of Japan.
  • I would advise your client to contact the UAE embassy's Consular Section via the contact details below:

    12 Bulwarra Close
    O'Malley, ACT 2606
    Phone (+61 2) 6286 8802
    Fax (+61 2) 6286 8804
  • Hi Candice,

    Holidays on Location is an Australian based outbound tour operator and as such cannot cater for South African's departing from this country.

    I would advise your client to consider an option such as the Tops of S…
  • The best way to get to Sentosa from Changi airport is undoubtedly via metered taxi. The journey will cost in the region of R150, one way.

    You may also drive a rented car there. In which case head towards the East Coast Parkway (ECP) tow…