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  • I would not recommend any girl backpack through south america. Sorry.
  • Well, you certainly have received lots of advice! But not knowing your budget, and the time of the year you want to travel, would highly suggest visiting a travel agency in person, picking up some brochures and getting an idea that will help narrow …
  • It seems everything you are looking for is part of our Peru itinerary posted online at http://www.monarchtours.net/Tours/SouthAmerica/Peru.html.

    This itinerary is available for a minimum of two passengers or you can join a guaranteed de…
  • Surely you are going with a group of people to do volunteer work...or you have a contact in Peru already. For this question you would need to call the Peruvian Embassy in whatever country you are living in. In most cases, volunteering is work, the f…
  • You cannot go by ferry from Chile to Easter Island since they are about 2,000 miles apart. Lan Chile flies to Easter Island, with flights operating from Santiago. Airfare from Santiago,Chile to Easter Island and back costs approximately $800 US. The…
  • Hello

    Grand Cayman is quite small. My personal favorite is sting ray city, which is a trip on a catamaran out to the reef to snorkel and pet beautiful giant sting rays. A popular spot on the island is going to Hell...a volcanic lava ar…
  • Sao Paulo is the second largest city in the world after Mexico City. It's like Detroit, the industry and commerce city. Not much to see in tourism. Not sure if you meant 3 days in each city, but in Rio I would recommend staying at the Premier Copaca…