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  • To add to what Lisa said, I'd say you have to stop off at San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. This is a really cool Zapatista town with a nice feel to it. From there you can visit the Chamula villages or the crocodile-laden Sumidero Canyon, the f…
  • As a Yucatan specialist tour operator we send people to the Riviera Maya all the time. And since I've worked here (2 years) we have not had one problem with our clients safety. The worst we have had is rental car companies over-charging clients when…
  • It's hard to ignore the news sometimes, but (as so many people have previously pointed out) the vast majority of the violence is not directed at tourists.

    I spent a month travelling central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Beliza) and …
  • There are taxis available from the airport. In fact, if you arrive during the day, you might find yourself inundated with drivers offering you a lift. As with anywhere in the world, try and agree a fee before you get in. And try this website for a b…
  • Cancun's a busy place, I would say avoid December-January (peak season) and March-April (Spring break/Easter).

    Similar to what Lee said above, I would go for May/June. It's supposedly the rainy season, but when I travelled then it was …
  • I would say Playa Del Carmen, because there's such a variety of things to do compared to the Pacific coast. I would avoid Cancun, it's a bit too touristy and resort-based. Playa has a nice mix of great restaurants, a stunning beach, and some good ni…
  • San Cristobal is a beautiful town, and a great place to learn spanish. I would however recommend you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the language, because outside of the tourist-centre, no one speaks a word of english.

    I survi…