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Fun Dives Travel


Fun Dives Travel
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  • Most contries require a passport with expiration date not less than 6 months ahead of travel date to enter their territory. This means that if you are travelling in Christmas, you passport exiration date should be not less than June 2010. I strongly…
  • Dear Samehsilim,
    With this program you will see all, what I would do however, is to skip Phuket Zoo, which is nothing special, and change ot for a one day scuba diving experience.
  • Everyone in any touristic country will encourage you to enter with a maximum of money, and leave with the minimum (!). If there are restrictions about money comming in, it's about very large amounts, and it concerns investments only.
  • You, are going to have a pretty nice trip ! The moonsoon ends in late october, and you will need sun cream rather than warm clothes. Although in the night at sea, it can be humid and chili, but surey not cold.
    Have a nice cruise.
  • I have never heard about this issue. I suggest you inquire to the Indonesian Ambassy in Oz. However, it would be very suprising if there were any restrictions.
  • Hi John,
    A lots of people travel every year to Thailand to get some teeth treatment. Dentist are pretty well trained, and you will get the job done for a lot cheaper. Yet, the prices are not fixed, and in some places you will pay more than in …
  • Hi Chrisitne,
    It' safe to travel in all touristic areas in Egypt,and in the whole Egypt in general. You can visit alone all sites in Ghiza and tour the pyramids by horse. However, you might find it more easy to move around with a guide; indeed…
  • You can book the ferry from Ko Samui to Surat Thani from any local travel agent in Ko Samui, and one day ahead is enough; you can even ask your hotel reception staff to book it for you. The ferry ticket includes hotel pick up as well.

  • The best treatment against malaria is a mozquito repellent. In Thailand, the only sickness linked to mozquito is the dengue fever, but there is no malaria. Same thing for Bali. However, if you go on jungle treck in Sumatra, then prevention is recomm…
  • In October, you should be okay to travel anywhere and stay dry. If you are traveling the 2 last weeks of october, you are getting closer to the dry season. Basically, the more south you head, the dryer it will be. South of Phuket such as Krabi, Tran…
  • Tricky question. Saddly Thai immigration police officers tend to follow their own law instead of The law. Wether you can or not travel with 2 blank pages left in your passport is not the matter, the matter is that you will definitely tempt an immigr…
  • Trains are living several times a day from Hua Lamphong station, which you can reach via MTR, station is Hua Lamphong. Don't take a taxi to go the train station, it will cost you 400 THB, where a MTR ticket will be 15 THB. It takes between 4 to 5H00…
  • Dear Deepesh Kedia,

    Visa conditions are depending on nationalities. The best thing to do is to enquire from your home country at the Thai Embassy. Normally, you have one month of admission, without visa. This means that you should be ab…
  • I' m affraid not. The bes tlow cost is Air Asia, they do Krabi - Bangkok - Chiang Mai. If you like travelling and want to see the landscape, you can take the Bus and train. In any case, avoid the private min van, they are dangerous, and usually with…
  • Credit card is a good idea, but avoid to pay with your credit card if the shop doesn't have an electronic device. Traveller checks are usually not accpeted by shop owners, they prefer cash. You can reasonably travel with cash; Thailand is a safe cou…
  • The best is to take a touristic visa directly to the Thai Embassy in your country of residence. In any case, you can Enter Thailand with no touristic visa (1 month) and apply for a one month extention.