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Foxtrot Tours
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  • Hi , well al depend if he is going to be based in the town or in the bush ? And for how long ? It is advisable to take U$ with and he can change the US Kwanzas at the banks there,usualy you get a better rate on the street. Food is available but a b…
  • Hi Mathieu

    I think JHB is like any other big city in the world so the same rules will apply,one thing that you can buy is a good hat and sunscreen...lol
  • Here are 3 backpacker style establishments to try, if they are booked out ask them to refer you to other possibilities.

    Faulty Towers Holiday Apt. around R300 singles R350 doubles. www.faultytowers.com
    House on the Hill around …
  • Hi Peter
    It is our experience that all denominations are accepted, just not coins. We haven’t had our US$ scrutinized for dates, but it is never a bad idea to ask your local bank to give you notes younger than 2000. We always try to have the e…
  • A quick internet search suggested that ,
    • 2,920 seats are available per day to fly out of Johannesburg, ZA connecting to Hanoi, VN
    • Asiana Airlines has 1 two stops or more flights between Johannesburg, ZA and Hanoi, VN.
    • The …
  • I would suggest staying in and around the Waterfront. During the day I would feel safe walking around in all the tourist areas for example.city bowl Greenpoint, Seapoint and the V&A Waterfront during both day I personally would not stay out on t…
  • We have had no troubles travelling through Vic Falls, but use the usual traveller’s precautions. There are no bargain flights into Vic Falls; it has recently had an upsurge in tourist activity. But check on South African Airways, Air Namibia British…
  • Hi Jess

    We dont always use 4X4'S on that route. The disadvantage is you will have to take a shuttle into Sossusvlei at a cost of NAR 100 per person and you will not be able to drive on the beach along the coastline. So unless you have a…
  • You will have a wonderfull time,Vic Falls on the Zimbabwe side is something to see and the people are very friendly.Enjoy your holiday.
  • Hello David

    I think Vic Falls on the Zimbabwe side is worth the visit,people are very friendly and there are lodges and hotels that caters for every budget. They deal in U$ or South African Rand.All prices are based on U$. We saw Touris…
  • Hello Jade

    We have been in Kariba Zambia a month ago and Kariba is a wonderfull place we would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Well first you would need an invitation letter from a company who is regestered in Angola or someone with resedence.Then you have to take the invitation to the consolate or embassy in your country of resedence. Would help if you could give the embas…