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  • 1) Alaska is a US state, so look at your country's US embassy 2) Visa info in the web isn't always the latest updated info. Better call the embassy.
  • Are you American or Canadian? Are you going by land, air...? You need a passport to enter Canada and also to re-enter the USA, from what I understand. As for the justice aspect of your question, CIC says: If you have committed or been conv…
  • Leah, I'd stay clear from reporting them. First of all, I don't think anyone care really. Plus, last time I checked, there were no legal rule against living with a married man... it's their business, isn't it??
  • Apparently, you do: For these kind of official matters, you should really check with the embassy or your travel agency.
  • Not much around except for Tikal and the small town (more like a settlement!) nearby, Uaxactun. Last time I was there was in 2004 so my accommodation list isn't up to date, that said, it was a pretty cheap (and kind of dirty) town.
  • I went there this winter and I found the city very quiet, by South American standards. It's a nice place, pretty small and compact and I wouldn't say it's dangerous. Normal precautions apply like anywhere else... but I can't say I was worried of bei…
  • As far as I know, no, you can't. Countries in the Schengen zone are each responsible for their own immigrants and temporary workers. So an English person (citizen) can work in France but not a person working in the UK under a work visa. Best …
  • For the work visa, it depends on where you are from.
  • You need to visit the CIC website for more info: The more crucial point (and the one some visitors are denied for) is to show proofs that you will actually go back home after your visit.
  • I don't really see a problem for her, since she does have a valid study visa. Normally, the 6 months passport rule mostly applies when you apply for a visa, but since she already has it... Even though she renewed her passport, I assume she still …