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  • There are flights in to Manchester and Blackpool airports. Blackpool Airport is the closest to the Lake District but there are regular train services from Manchester to Windemere, one of the most popular Lake District towns, which make it a convenie…
  • Hi Anni
    Relocating to a new country can be an interesting experience filled with many rewards and challenges. Where you would like to relocate to would depend on many factors including your career options, lifestyle, religion and personal pref…
  • The Yogyakarta Airport departure tax is 30,000 Rupiah (US$3.30) for domestic flights and 150,000 (US$16.50) for international flights.
  • Hi Princesca Whether or not you require a visa to immigrate to the UK would depend on your nationality. EU nationals do not need a visa to work or reside in the UK, but all other foreign nationals will need a visa. If you would like more information…
  • The best time of year to visit South Africa, with regards to weather, depends on where you are going. Durban has warm weather nearly all year round, Cape Town is cold and rainy in winter and Jo'burg is hot and stormy in summer.
  • Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia, as well as Trinidad and Tobago, are great Caribbean destinations for a wedding. Generally, a passport or other valid identification are required, as well as a marriage license and certificate. See Justlinen f…
  • Food is available but not cheap, a basket of basic groceries in a supermarket costs about US$100. The cholera outbreak's 60 000 cases had halved by March 2009 but it's still a real threat. If you avoid large groups and remain cautious, general safet…
  • Our Cairo Weddings page has some useful information about getting married in Egypt and About.com offers some indepth information and relevant website links for US citizens wishing to get married in Egypt.
  • If you are a US citizen travelling to Italy your passport must be valid on arrival in Italy (it does not specify for how long afterwards - I don't think it matters) and you will be granted 90 days in the country. See this link:

  • No, the 'valid for six months' refers to how long the passport must be valid for in the future, i.e. it must not expire for at least another six months. The date of issue (if you got it a week ago or 20 years ago) is not relevant.
  • The delays could be anything from officials not being at work issuing visas to lost applications or even passports.
  • You would require a visa which will cost between US$30 and US$55 depending on type (holiday, business etc.) This is attainable on arrival but it is better to arrange it beforehand as there are usually numerous delays and problems. The currency used …
  • There is a fee for Thailand visas and visa extensions. If you are entering Thailand by air, on arrival you will be given 30 days in the country, after which you would need to apply for an extension. Entering Thailand by land the same applies, but fo…
  • Hi Shirley
    If you are entering Thailand by air, on arrival you will be given 30 days in the country, after which you would need to apply for an extension. Entering Thailand by land the same applies, but for 15 days only.
  • Shammi, what should you do with regards to what? Visas, place to live, work? If you have some specific questions we may be able to help you
  • The best time to visit Mozambique is during the spring, from about August to November, when the weather is at its most pleasant (comfortable temperatures and some short rain storms). Local beers include 2M (dosh-em), Laurentina and Manica, which cos…
  • On holiday in South Africa, it is possible to visit both Cape Town and the Kruger!
    You would need about 3 days in Cape Town and should try include trips to Robben Island, Table Mountain and the wine region. There are flights from Cape Town (no…
  • The only recent problem in Thailand was a New Year's Eve fire in a Bangkok niteclub (accidental), and none of the violence of last year was directed at tourists or extended beyond Bangkok. Thailand's tourist destinations are as safe today as before …
  • A honeymoon in the Maldives is a wonderful experience; aside from relaxing on the beach in the island's fantastic November weather, couples can also enjoy diving, fishing, parasailing and windsurfing. Other attractions include the Singapore Bazaar, …
  • Hi Seoise
    Most travellers arriving by air may enter Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. Those arriving at overland entry points will only be given visa free entry for 15 days.
    I hope this information is useful to you, please fee…
  • Good Morning
    You would require a visa to visit the Philippines, unless you were a former national of the Philippines and have valid evidence of this.
  • Citizens of Mongolia residing in Mongolia have to apply for a visa to Bahamas in person at the nearest consulate of Bahamas (there is no consulate in Mongolia). The Ministry of Home Affairs can direct you to the nearest consulate or you can contact …
  • Hi Ruby
    Thailand's monsoons can happen any time from June to October. In September and October there is also a lot of flooding throughout the country. July and August are in the monsoon period so you should make sure you have detailed weather …
  • Hi Angie
    Your passport needs to be valid for six months after your intended return date. For more information you can visit your nearest Botswana Embassy or High Commission, or call the Department of Immigration in Gaborone: +267 374545.
  • Mugishasami, have a look at this link:
  • Hi Mugishasami
    You're going to have to try call the Mali Tourism Office on +223 222 5673. They should be able to give you visa and embassy information for Mali/Uganda travel.
    I hope this helps!
  • Hi Vina
    I suggest you visit www.marhabaservices.com and select Marhaba Services. You can select the service you require from the drop down menu.
    I hope this helps.
  • Hi Sam

    Being in a city that is associated with gastronomy and world-class restaurants, your clients will have a tough time deciding on one place to dine!

    La Tour d'Argent is a wonderful 5-star restaurant overlooking the …
  • Hello Linda,

    I have found the following local operators that may be able to assist: