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  • Hello Adelle,

    Touch question!

    There are no longer many freight operators offering passage on the CPT-UK route. However, the cargo-passenger ship the RMS St Helena explores new horizons as she sails to the stunning South Atl…
  • Hi Carmy,

    We find that there are very reliable information sources for Entebbe.
    The following links however contain some useful and current information that you can use to advise your client.

  • Hello Khudija,

    While Singapore and KL are not known as child-friendly destinations, there is a huge variety of attractions to keep children busy.

    Here is a selection of activities in each city:

  • Hi Marise

    It is located on the departure level at the east end of the terminal between Gates 23 and 25, in Terminal 1.

    Please see map http://www.marhabaservices.com/Source/AirportMap.aspx for further information.
  • Hello Kerry

    There are a range of private locations, churches, hotels and other venues where you can get married in Santorini. It is legal to have a Santorini wedding anywhere on the island if the Mayor agrees - this means you can arran…
  • Hello Elmarie,

    It is hard to read the future, even for a Travel Guru. Hence we cannot know what the snowfall will be like 5 months from now. And 1 December is very early in the season.

    Livigno is one of the highest ski reso…
  • Hi Janelle

    Your client is most likely referring to the festivities which follow the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. The Hajj is a pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and Eid al-Adha happens the day after pilgrims descend…
  • Hello Theresa

    There are many companies that organise a variety of volunteer work all over the African, from wildlife conservation and rehabilitation to HIV/AIDS education and community support.

    The following sites provide…
  • Hello Shelley,

    To answer your question I must refer to the most reliable source of hotel information, Trip Advisor.

    Please review the following link for their guide to the best premium accommodation:

  • Hello Alyson,

    - The temperature gets up to 18-19 degrees C in February/March, the heat tempered by the high rainfall during this time.

    - Shopping malls with many stores under one roof are usually open from 10h00-21h00 eve…