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  • Hi The reasons are very clear regarding your visa refusal as mentioned in your reply. " In the reasons they have quoted that they were not sure of my return. But I have submitted my return ticket and also my proof of employment i.e. I am self empl…
  • Hi SMS123 I will advice that you travel to Lagos state for your job program and do not worry about any danger. Nigerians are friendly regardless of the negative new you watch on tv and hear on the radio. Just like every other country with vices, N…
  • The letter should be addressed to the person being invited. It will also contain the information of the sender. The only way to know will be to send it and also, it is an internationally accepted means of guarantee of your commitments.

  • Foreign national can legally marry a Nigerian citizen provided such marriages is consummated at an approved marriage registries in any part of Nigeria.

    The procedures are simple

    Visit the marriage registry to apply and a da…
  • Hi @agga23,
    I am trilled to read your exciting experience during your visit to Nigeria.
    The Amazing thing to note is, reading comments from those who know little or nothing about this West African country.
    I am a tour operator bas…
  • Hi Larkin,

    it is total false about your assertion on women prohibited from wearing trousers in Nigeria

    Women dresses elegantly in Nigeria and other parts of the country and so, you may choose to dress fashionably if you de…
  • Nationals(Passport Holders)of the following countries do not require visas to enter Kenya:


    St. Lucia
    Belize Malta Swaziland
    Botswana Mauritius Seychelles
    Brunei Darussalam N…
  • Hi Billy,

    National of some countries can obtain entry visa on arrival in Nairobi or Mombasa. This does not include a British citizen as you are required to get the entry visa at the nearest Kenyan Embassy before travelling.
    see t…
  • Hi pretep,

    As a rule, visa is required to enter Nigeria by foreign national. However, some national are not required to obtain entry to visit Nigeria.

    Since you did not mention your nationality in your letter, it will be d…
  • Hi,

    The basic reason for demanding the deposit in the first instance is basically to guarantee the return of the pax. back to his/her originating country. However, if the pax fails to return having paid the deposit, it will be forfeited.
  • hi e cook

    Traveling from Nigeria to other parts of the world particularly for a fist time traveling could be be difficult if the traveler do not have the basic Traveling allowance (BTA). This requirement can also be requested by the imm…
  • hi sants

    You will be surprised to find a lot of Indians working in Nigeria.. I can assure you that you will have a wonderful time when you come.

    The people are friendly to visitors aside from the corruption, kidnappings r…
  • Hi Chox,

    The reason is very easy to find.

    Its a reciprocal action by the Nigerian government to south African national because the embassy of south Africa in Nigeria demands Naira 110,000 (One hundred and ten thousand nair…
  • if you are already a resident of south Africa, your application can be made at the Zimbabwean embassy in south Africa. Required document will include

    a. Invitation letter from your invitee in Zimbabwe / hotel reservation
    b. retur…
  • Amathawale,

    your friend working in Kenya will possess a work permit for Kenya. He can based on the permit, apply for the Nigerian entry visa in Kenya.

  • Dear Ligman,

    Travelling to Kenya from Nigeia is not difficult. You can go as a tourist. Please let me have your travel plans and I will pan atrip for you including visa assistance, Hotel Acoomodation, Airport transfer service, Tours.
  • Dear Bart21641,

    I suppose K.L. refers to Kuala Lumpur. You can ind help ofr the vacinnation is the following Centers.
    I hope this is helpful

    Renew Ventures
  • Dear Robin West.

    I do not have the details but can recommend a tour operator in Kenya that can assist with your ground services.
  • Tourist Visa to Kenya will be the best option for your tourist travel to Kenya.

    However, most countries need a visa before leaving your country. You will need a hotel reservation from a Kenya hotel or tour operator to send the papers co…
  • Dear Michael,

    Most agencies in Nigeria advertise trave; serviceto other parts of the world. That includes the USA. However, visa is must be applied for at the USA embassy with other supporting documents.
    Issuance of visa is at the…