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  • The casa particular varies a great deal all over Cuba and all over Havana in quality and price. They go from 15 - 50 CUC a night, but as Terry says this is always the price per room.
    Usually breakfast is included for the higher end rooms and …
  • The hurricane season is from July to November with September and October being the months with the highest probability of cyclone activity. There is on average more rain in these months due to this tropical storm activity. When hurricanes occur they…
  • This is all great info from Earth Mother above! - The train running from Havana to Santiago is often delayed or stopped on route and notoriously take many hours longer than predicted.
    It is very crowded and even local Cubans travelling this ro…
  • You can get the visa at the airport in Mexico at either Mexico city or Cancun. There is a desk by the check in counter and you purchase the visa there in a matter of minutes for the same price.
    Many airlines departing from Canada provide the v…
  • You can take in prescription medicine to Cuba if the name on the label matches the name in your passport.
    To be safe it doesn't hurt to take a letter from your doctor with the pharmaceutical name of the medicine you take (not the brand name ie…
  • Hey Isy,
    you can post a message on the facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maroubra-Australia/CUBAN-ADVENTURES/41654657469?ref=ts
    Someone else posted something a few days ago about wanting to meet up with any other travelle…
  • You can purchase a tourist card when you arrive in the port in Cuba if you have not secured one in advance from a Cuban consulate abroad.
    Customs does allow travelers to purchase a tourist card or 'visa' on the spot upon arrival.
    You …