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  • Great idea to spend your honeymoon in Mozambique!!! We did that last year :-) We also just stayed in the north, did island/beach hopping with local fishermen in the Quirimbas (didn´t stay at the super expensive high end luxury resorts... but in loca…
  • You must be joking ;-) Face it, your stuff in gone. Did you like Seville?
  • Hi mihaela, nights can still get cold (I already slept just at the beach in march!), during daytime it should be nice and warm. Definitely a very good time to go there. It´s so much nicer than the other side if Tarifa (Costa del Sol). If you have a…
  • Clifford, we stayed there for 5 days and had a very good time. Your plan sounds amazing. We also did a lot of travelling by dhow. It´s amazing to go through the turquoise waters and paradisiac islands with palmfringed whitesand beaches. We didn´t ma…
  • Hi DavidF, it was a great trip indeed. We´re soming back for sure!

    We didn´t use any anti-malaria-medication. But we used repellant every eavening and we slept straight under a mosquito-net. Although in some locations there weren´t any …
  • Back from a wonderful trip to Northern Mozambique :-)

    There´s a place named Tikidiri (translated "We did it") on Ibo. It´s a place run by an association of 10 woman and 8 men, all locals from the village. It has simple but very clean b…
  • Initially planning to travel into Mozambique by bus from South Africa we changed plans on the short run. Not because of the border blues, but we want to skip Maputo enterirely now and concentrate more on the central an northern art of the country. W…
  • Hi Caroline, cant´t say anything about April, because I went in November. But if you go I recommend to google for gibbonx, the first hit is it. It´s in Bokeo, up northwest. Definitely one of the best things I´ve ever done :-) And since it´s warm the…
  • That´s difficult, because it is not known what you like... I would definitely recommend Seville in Spain. Very beautiful, heaps of culture, old buildings... Would be good to know what you´re in to.
  • I don´t know the prices in London, because I´ve never been there - and it´s been a while since I did the last Tuskany trip, but I remember trying to not eat in a restaurant too often. I tried to buy things at local markets sometimes. In the city cen…
  • I don´t know that movie you´re talking about, but if it´s a movie about Venice, there should be any Venice-stereotype included. If you are referring to the gondolas with the guys that are singing for the couples while rowing. It´s exactely like that…
  • To minimize (hardly existing) risk just go by speed-boat on the Mekong if you´re really in a hurry. And the ladnscape is more enjoyable travelling by slow-boat.