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  • If you are wanting to go to Iceland, the Summer is the best time to go for touring and getting about. It is a big country with a population of 240,000, most of them living in Rekjavik (not sure of spelling), it can be remote. It is an expensive pla…
  • Unfortunately the Aurora Borealis isn't that predictable, having spent 5 weeks in Iceland and about 4 years in total in Norway, Sweden and Finland, the best time to see this phenomenen is obviously ONLY at night. The Scandinavian winters produce lon…
  • John 9159. VMT for your information on Algeria, it was as I suspected, so I will seek a bypass around Algeria, I always feel it's a shame that borders are so contrasting. I read your report immediately, it just took me a while to respond to the fes…
  • Hey Gerrit, In 2007 After getting off the car ferry in ICELAND into Bergen I drove to Oslo, try visit the Stavkirks (there are about a 120 of these medieval churches in Norway, and some are really amazing, also the fjords are spectacular, Bergen is …
  • You will be fine in MALTA it is English speaking with ATM machines, HSBC Banks, very friendly, very safe, it's just great. When do you go there? as I visit there all the time, I even drove there from the UK in a 30 year old VW bus from the UK in 20…
  • Hello I am hoping to take my VW into Morocco in April, I understand that the Algerian road border is closed, so I will have to go back into Europe (Spain) to then take a ferry to Algeria. Can anyone clarify /confirm this please
  • Hey again folks, found the details of those folks that took a 1958 VW from Canada to Argentina, then shipped it to Europe and toured around there, most of it in 2009. when you get on there look at route, then also lookin border c…