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  • Never mind. You can also check Kilyos ,Agva and Sile for beaches ..Kilyos is not far from city center but the other two might take a few hours to reach.
  • At the time of your visit your passport should be valid at least 6 more months.
  • The name of the island must be Buyukada;the Big island in English. You can either join a day tour or take the ferry from Kabatas and go there.The ferry ride takes about 1 and half hours.I would recommend going there after May since it is too windy a…
  • One nation travel agency has been posting the same post all over the web.PLEASE JUST IGNORE IT!!! Actually they are not after forumists,this is just for the spiders of search engines..in other words,to get a high ranking in google,yahoo and the othe…
  • Most of the hotels accepts Euro,Dollar but it is better to have some Turkish lira because the exchange rate at the hotel will likely be bad.
  • I would recommend Zeyrekhane ,Haci Abdullah,Kanaat and Ziya Sark Sofrasi.Around Ortakoy we have Baked potato stands,it is v"ery famous there.
  • You are welcome and don't worry about the men in Istanbul/Turkey. We (Turkish people) do not think that way about the Asian women.
    But there are some people , dark skinned-gypsy looking, around historical sites and basicly they can disturb you…
  • Merhaba,
    As far as I know the citizens of Philippines do not have to get a visa ...they need to pay a little amount of money at the airport (it was around 30$)
    And it is valid for 30 days..if you want to stay longer,you should apply for …