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  • We can organize the tour for you. Please feel free to contact us through our website.
  • Some reasonably priced but good restaurants:
    Leidseplein area:
    Wagamama, Max Euweplein 10, Japanese
    Gauchos, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 69, Argentine
    Rancho, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 73, Argentine
    Porto Carrara, Lange Leids…
  • Unfortunately, the tulip fields can only be enjoyed for about 5-6 weeks in the period April/May, depending on the climate. One alternative is to visit the Aalsmeer flower auction (during week days), were glass-house bred tulips and many other flower…
  • More important may be evidence on paper: work contract, salary payslips, annual statements, tax returns, etc. If you have these, it may be better to call the embassy, explain the situation, and offer them as proof of your previous employment. Maybe …
  • Actually, because there are large amounts of cash involved, the trade does generate voilence, mostly murders between criminals involved in the business. Problem with the new situation may be the re-appearance of small street dealers (as before coffe…
  • @DavidF - there are 3 main reasons for this policy shift:
    -the current policy, where supply of the coffeeshop "at the back door" is illegal, whilst sales "through the front door" are legal has lead to large criminal networks getting involved i…
  • The legal situation is about to change: a new Dutch law obliges coffee shops to sell to mebers only. Dutch nationality is required for membership. So, foraigners can not buy soft druge legally anymore. The law was oficially introduced 01/01/2012, bu…