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  • taken 4 a ride That's kinda funny because we got married on Jan. 24 and that was the happiest day of his life, how many frickin wives do you think he has? Can I ask you if you gave him any money? Did you do the same thing with him and say wedding…
  • taken-4-a-ride He is very good at what he does, and he's not even real, I have been involved with him since last Sept. He line was something about Mr Honest and the pictures of him, OMG gorgeous, but not him, not his name, he told me his mother …
  • Watchout, Until I found this site I really belived everything he told me, I still have trouble believing that there are really people in this world that actually do this, no he would not do the webcam always said he didn't have one on his computer, …
  • His name is Bryant Hart, e-mail b.hart49@yahoo.com, and IM b.hart49, Lives in Spartanburg SC, is in Lagos doinf a job involving telecomunications and networking
  • I found this site today and I am just sick because I have been involved with someone on line who is in Lagos working we met on the Yahoo personals, I was always skeptical about them but I finally did it and it wasn't long before he found that was in…