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  • Hello everyone, Sorry about the late reply, been so busy and it takes me an utter age to write this stuff, lol. Anyways, here follows another email to a fellow traveller (you know who you are do keep in touch mate) which may be of interest. It…
  • Greetings all, Ok, this post seems to be getting quite a lot of attention so what I'm gonna do is go into a bit of detail concerning the cost of living in India. The following is the revised edition of an email (the longest email I've ever writt…
  • Hello everyone, Been a while hasn't it, lol, in any case a belated but still sincere happy new year to you all. May it be a safe, fun and fruitful year for us all. Nomas, come and speak to me at yahoo, my ID is (and my em…
  • Thankyou all of you who responded to my post. Ive been here for nearly 5 months now and soon it's time for me to leave. I didn't actually refuse the PG (thankyou Rosey) it turned out to be a block full of students (and as Mike pointed out) it had …
  • B2 hi !! Thank you so much for responding to my post, I thought I was alone for a minute, lol. 16,000INR a month, wow, that must be a big family you have there ay ? So if we might continue, is there any perticular reason why any of these people …