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  • hi,
    Kenya has always been a safe destination for both locals and tourist and now the threat of pirates and insecurity has been solved with the incursion in Somali {Mogandishu, kismayu, Horh of Africa and the Red sea/Indian ocean coastline} to…
  • NOV HAS GOOD WET evenings and sunny days {its the short rains} season but the rains came early 2011 we have had rains since early oct. the only area where nomacy and touristic activities are moutaineering on MT Kili and Mt Kenya the rest of thcountr…
  • Kenyan are hospitable people, just pick afew Kiswahili words and you are welcome.
    libe dressing code, but extremly short see me through dresses may at some places, especially the Muslim towms and rural coastal Kenya.
  • cathy pacific and Qatar KQ and emirates are the airlines to contact and compare the fares
    their coonction times are good and reasonable
    Nairobi Hotel are good and these many to choose from
    Kivi Milimani
    the Sarova panafric
  • ITS within our budget to vist All of Afriuca in one safari, tanzan n Kenya have all thiese your intersts and the big five plus the world reknow 7 wonder on the Maasai mara/ serengeti weelderbeast migration,fine weather and enomous wildlife and des…
  • many a place in Africa these much in terms of destination choice.
    your budget intrests and tastes got to dictate where you may choise to go.
    in the North theres Egypt, a good destination but currently the political instablic and violent …
  • Dear Travellers.
    The KENYAN autholities adjusted the rates for the Kenyan tourist VISA to LOW OF

    25$tenty five US dollrs ans is readly available and issued at the Point of entry 24/7

    this t…
    in Kenya Visa Comment by ndiritu May 2011
  • TOURIST SINGLE ENTRY VISA @$25 on arrival
  • see sarova hotels - whitesands Indiana beach resort n hotels nyari beach hotel south coast grand-reef resort sun n sand
  • the immigration office is operation 24/7 , 365/6 days in a year.
    karibu kenya
  • the us embassy in Kenya asks for so many things,some relevant others only them who knows why.
    if they indicated you are hosting them for free, the us embassy will contact you and ask you to furnish them with your bank details and undertaking t…
  • if you are destined for East/southern Africa, we are here and kindly look at our website :
    www.ramasafaris.com and advice if we are of service to you.
    [email protected]
  • hello dear,
    honeymoon is once in a life time even.
    choci if destinaton crowns this impotarnt memorable evnt.
    i opnie a destination in Africa either East/south or the indian ocen islands are places you may give a though.
    your …
  • if they are a problem fly into Kenya where you Britain a transits visa on arrival at the counter hustle free. in Nairobi you get the Z visa at their embassy at Re Insurance plaza on Taifa road- NEAR HILTON NAIROBI easily in minutes.
    happy tra…
  • hELLO jjj,
    i opine you approach it with simplified caution.
    get her to send you the half shes paying you top up and pay the airline of choice.
    if you opt for the travel agency take precaution who you are dealing wi…
  • Hello Chiere,

    Kenyan coast is amazing with hospitable people, natural white sand beaches and lots of fan and scene tic places to visit and experience.
    you may combine beach holiday with safaris, June being the start of peak season…
  • hey all.
    the govt have brought down the tourist visa to US$ 25 easily obtainable at JKIA airport-Nairobi on arrival by nationals of commonwealth group of countries and selected far east & western countries.
    in Kenya Visa Comment by ndiritu May 2010
  • I confirm its enviromentaly safe to visit kenya any season of the year,theNat Met guys had predicted El nino rain phenomenah that passed with Jan 2010 with less damage to infrastracture and human live.
    for the security Kenya s a safe destinati…
  • hey.
    Thai national visa requirement for Egypt you need to apply before travel.
    visit an Egyptian embassy in person with your p/port and apply.
  • True at the JKIA Nairobi,but even better rates in forex Bearuea in thre city centre especial along standard st near the sarova stanley hotel.
  • hi,
    P/port vality should be more than 6 months from the date of your travel.
    Kenyan visa is easily obtainable at your point of entry hustle free and just costs you 25$ for a tourist visa.
  • Hey.
    Kenya has terrible Malaria strains.
    its advisable to take prescribed ante malarial dose more so now that's its short rains season coupled by the climate change.
    please seek your Physicians prescription.
    karibu Kenya.
  • David F said it but the gifts are not a must if your papers are up-to date and you plan early,secure the visa in good time and you are done.
    draw up your itinerary and lets exchange the best option as where fast.

    With a Syrian passport you need visa.
    Kindly do contact the Kenyan consulate in U.A.E Dubai or the Kenyan Embassy in Jordan as am not sure they got an office in Damascus.
    or better still drop us a line at ramasaf…
  • Hey All.
    sorry i have been away for a while in the wild and not internet 000but have been working and am well.
    Now I we answer you queries promptly an in office again.
  • Refers to having your p/port validity 6 months clear before the date of entry to their country.
    it always advicable to have e valid travel documents whilst abroad just in case and to avoid nasty moments and saves time too.
  • Nairobi has many things to offer, 48hrs theres many a place and excurtions you must/see or go. the National Park is 10 minutes drive from the city. The city tour - bomas of kenya/giraffe centre/ karenblizen. The shadrrack p. baby elephant orphanage.…
  • Destination East Africa.
    we arrangea nd operate all safaris in eastern Africa and horse riding safaris is one of the.
    We suggest Hells gate National park.Kitengela near Nairobi & in the Abermbres.

    contact [email protected]
  • hey Soyika,
    yours noted, practical details shortly,just afew moment to consult for contacts
  • The wedding is a special occation and its so impotant. To keep these speacial memories alive for ever is as exotic as wlking down the Isle in the bush.
    i recmend a bush wedding especial the East Africa either Kenya or tTanzania.
    If you a…