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  • Re: Schengan visa for France

    No visa is helpful for Canada especially not Ukraine. Canada makes its own decisions no matter which country you have been to before.
  • Re: Procedure for Indian Man Marrying Tunisian Girl

    I think you are unreasonable. You cannot expect a Tunisian girl to live without any family or friends in India. I cannot believe a Tunisian father would allow this.
    I am an advocate of womens rights, just because polygamy is legal in India does not make it right. Polygamy a disgusting practice . It subjugates women. In Canada and America polygamists have been imprisoned for 25 years.
    Even Saudi Arabia the citadel of Sunni Islam wont let you bring in two wives.
    This is why Lesley had no words and is in shock she cannot believe that in this day and age a young man would treat women like chattels.
  • Re: Can anyone help me? Visa for Norway refused

    I told you what to do make a formal complaint/ appeal to the Norwegians. Your childs human rights have been breached. If you dont want to take my advice its up to you.
  • Re: Can anyone help me? Visa for Norway refused

    You were refused a visa as you were considered a threat to public policy, internal security etc but you did not send the evidence from AZR and SIS. How can you show they made an error if you did not supply the most important item...the evidence.
  • Re: I need advice please...

    I have never been one to pass up on lifes opportunities.
    You should grab this chance with both hands. Australia is a great country.
    I have travelled, lived and worked abroad as a single woman and yes it can be scary but what have you to lose?
    If it does not work out you will have seen Australia and another culture. If things work out you will be happily married maybe working and have new friends. I would not hesitate for one minute.
    If we all stayed where we are born and raised the world would be a sad small place.
    You have so many ways to stay in touch with your family and friends via the internet.
    So go for it girlfriend and good luck !!