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  • Re: vist visa for tunisia

    Until you have a British passport you will not be granted entry toTunisia. The Tunisian embassy never give reasons for refusal.
  • Re: Schengen Visa advice

    You do not need to mention that your wife was refused a Canadian student visa.
  • Re: Visa requirements for Tunisia

    I hate to tell you this but it us highly unlikely that you will be granted a visa forTunisia. A member called @Mozak is an Indian citizen living in Canada married his Tunisisn fiance in Turkey as his visa application for Tunisia was refused without reason several times.
    If you read through this thread you will see his posts on the subject.
  • Re: lady in ghana - scam?

    Chalbury put on your running shoes and make a sharp exit ! UK student fees cost a LOT more than £80 they cost thousands of pounds. I agree with EVERYTHING hoping for answers has said

    £80 for a UK visit visa then the aifare for a flight she will never get on. Then it will be wanting to study in the UK. That could be a nice money spinner for Miss Ghana.

    Firstly she must find a college or university in the UK to accept her and she will need to take a language test which can cost over £100 pounds.

    Secondly foreign students have to pay hefty study fees far more than a British student starting at £9000 per year and rising. Then they have to have money for accommodation. For student accommodation in the London area the UK Border Agency require £1000 per month for the first 9 months and £800 outside London for 9 months.

    Oh and if she really gets her hooks in wedding bells could be ringing for you and your gal, that's a the jackpot !

    You are well and truly being groomed by a romance scammer 
  • Re: Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea

    The minimum ban for overstaying is 2 years. However you are married to a Korean and are the mother of a Korean child, you have the right to apply and the Korean immigration should demonstrate leniency. Good luck