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  • Re: Tunisian marry to Icelandic girl

    There is no law in Denmark that states a child cannot live with their divorced or unmarried father.
    You just want everything your way.
  • Re: Schengen refused twice! Reapply?

    Booking dummy tickets is very foolish, you are lucky you were not refused on the basis of supplying fraudulent documents.

    Do not go "visa shopping" that is applying to another country when another country refuses.

    Your documents sound fine but try to show you have strong ties to your home country
  • Re: schengen visa rejection

    You must apply to the Embassy of the Netherlands this time as the reason for applying for the visa is different from your last application.

    It does not matter what is stamped on your passport, Schengen countries share biometric information so the Netherlands will be aware of your last refusal.

    You need to show ties to Qatar your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, childs birth certificate, your title deed or rental agreement for your home.
    Letters from your employer, stating your job salary length of employment and who will be paying flights, hotel food etc.
    Your bank statements and payslips.

    The training company in the Netherlands must give full written information of the course, provide your qualifications.

    You do not say why your previous visa was refused last time but you need to look at the last refusal and apply again with better documents.
    I suggest you wait to see the out come of the Netherlands visa before you apply to Spain.

  • Re: Deported from South Korea 46-1

    The maximum ban on a 46-1 deportation from North Korea is 5 years.
    You now have a criminal record in South Korea and you will find it very hard to enter South Korea even after 5 years
  • Re: Tunisian married to usa citizen

    If your wife is on a low income she could ask a friend or family member to be a joint sponsor. Very few people are willing to accept financial responsibility for someone they do not know from a foreign country.
    Of course your wife has to show her income over the years as this helps the US immigration service to decide if she is able to sponsor you.
    Perhaps your wife should get a second job.