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  • Re: need info on Tunisian girlfried/marriage

    You dont seem to have a very high opinion of your girl friend or her family.
    I doubt very much if these people are trying to scam you, they want a decent husband for their daughter.
    As weddings are very expensive these days usually the bride and grooms family share the costs of the wedding as the girls family have suggested.
    The bridegroom is also expected to buy gifts for the bride, engagement ring and wedding ring
    I would like to know how you think these people can defraud you?
  • Re: Dating a Naija Man

    Firstly, you are not dating. Dating refers to the time when people are physically together in public. All you do is talk to a man and his friends via Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc. That is not dateing, you dont go to dinner, the movies, shopping etc. Thats why he appears to treat you like a queen because you never get to see the real man.

    What a nerve this man has, your paying to travel thousands of miles to meet him and now he wants you to pay half on a car "for your security". Then he gets to keep the car when you leave. Thats a sweet deal for him.

    Lets put this into context. Detroit USA is considerd to be a very violent city so If you were meeting up on line with a guy from Detroit and he asked you to give him money towards buying a car so that you would be safe when you visited, would you give him money. No you would not. You would hire a car and you can do that in Nigeria

    If this man is in the Nigerian Marines then he has a good, secure salary and they are not working for free. In fact he should have enough money on his salary to buy a car.

    The Nigerian army is among the best equipped of all the land forces in Africa. It is also One of the largest armies in the world. The salary of private soldiers and non commissioned officers range from US$150 to US$250 per month
    Army officers earn US$330 to US$2750 per month. They receive, food, clothing and accomodation.
    The salary is lower than the US but the cost of living n Nigeria is way below the US so they can live comfortabley. I have verified all this information with Nigerians and sources in the government

    This man has told you that he wants to live in the US so that he can join the US army. that is his dream and your a means of getting that dream. He has accepted money from you and now wants you to pay towards a car. I would not trust this man at all.
  • Re: Indian marrying tunisian women

    I know you will cancel the hotel reservation but you need to show enough money to pay the hotel bill. If you are showing a hotel reservation you should budget for about $50 / 40 Euros a day spending money.
  • Re: Saudi looking for advice on how to get French tourist visa

    You can apply for asylum and you will be interviewedd and processed.
    You need to remember that when you apply for a visa you give bank statements, proof of employment or your business, family and ties to your country. To apply for asylum you must have a fear of persecution this alone is not enough to get a right to asylum. The persecution must be done “on account of” your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group.
  • Re: Saudi looking for advice on how to get French tourist visa

    You friend is talking nonsense.
    All Schengen countries have the same rules.All Schengen countries process visas the same way
    All Schengen countries share VIS (visa information system)
    That is they share information on all people who apply for a visa. This information is linked when your biometrics are taken.

    Here are the visa statistics from 2016. France had over 3 million applications more than twice as many as Italy but they both refused a similar number of visa.Your friend does not know what he is talking about