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  • Re: Applying for a eea family permit from tunisia

    When applying for a UK EEA Residence permit
    You only need proof of your relationship which you have with her air tickets and photos of you together.
    A letter from her employer, 2 or 3 recent payslips. Proof that she rents the house e.g. the rental contract.
    She does not need to provide bank statements. You complete the on line form and go to the TSL office in Tunisia.there is no visa fee. Read the TSL Tunisia website for more information.
  • Re: UK Visa Settlement

    £18600 is the annual salary you must earn from your business.
    You cannot apply for your husband until you are earning £18600 a year from your business as a self employed person.this means it will take at least a year for you to show this income. You are required to show one years accounts, plus HMRC self assessment for tax which you cannot do until after one year of trading.
    The required documents are required by law and an application cannot be made without the mandatory documents. These can be found at FM-SE
    It is complicated and I urge you to get immigration advice from a competent lawyer or OISC immigration consultant.
  • Re: Advice on Nigerian Relocation to Australia

    I am assuming this is an on line relationship and you have never actually met this man.
    There is no cheap or safe way for him to study or work in Australia. You cannot bring him to Australia he has to apply for a visa.
  • Re: Visa requirements for Tunisia

    I am at a loss to understand why someone on a USAID contract (a powerful US entity) is unable to sort this out.
    Your so called logistical officer would have been hired because he had "contacts" to be able to get things done. Not just be a translator.
    Who is the head of your project? In Tunisia its who you know not what you know.
    Go to the ministry with you logistics man or get someone from USAID to intervene.
    Stop being so politically correct and fight for your family.
  • Re: Applying for a Schengen Visa for a spouse of a EU citizen.

    You need to male a complaint to SOLVIT
    SOLVIT is the EU complaints section.
    The London SOLVIT contact is
    Chris Korcz
    Tel 0442072152833

    Google SOLVIT and you will see what I mean

    Waste of time putting a whatsapp download on here.
    The UK wrongly refused your mother J urge you to maje a complaint.