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  • Re: Tunisian marry to Icelandic girl

    No one is pointing fingers. It is quite normal in many countries for single mothers to go out to work.
    After some research I believe that this is the help you need.
    On 19 August 2015 the Tunisian government amended Law 40 of 14 May 1975 regarding passports and travel documents.
    The law removed all forms of discrimination between mothers and fathers concerning childrens passports and the authorisation for children to leave Tunisia. Both parents have equal rights.
    In other words you do not need your husbands permission to take your daughter out of Tunisia
  • Re: Tunisian marry to Icelandic girl

    You are not going to like what I say but your husband has every right to stop your allowance now you are married. This is normal practice under Tunisian law unless the court made a different decision.
    As for moving your child to Cairo he again has every right to refuse this. She is not just your child she is his child too and he has rights particularly under Danish law.

    Unfortunately you do not have the right to move your daughter where you want without your ex husbands agreement and he would have the right to take this to court as your child is a dual citizen of Denmark and Tunisia.
  • Re: confirmation of invitation letter to me from Romania by Romania agent in Nigeria

    Instead of listening to agents contact the Romanian Embassy in Abuja or the Romanian consulate in Lagos and ask them how you obtain the invitation letter.
  • Re: We have plan to get marry in Philippines

    Turkish citizens do not require a visa to enter the Philippines, they are granted 30 days upon entering at the airport.

    To marry he will need his passport and trhe following documents.

    When he arrives in the Phillipines he will need to go to the Turkish embassy in Manila and obtain a Certificate of Legal Capacity. This certificate is evidence that he is free to marry.
    Turks carry an ID card known as a kimlik, that shows their marriage status, so it should not be a problem to obtain the certificate.

    If he has been married before he will need to bring his final divorce decree or spouses death certificate translated in to English.

    The original or certified copy of his birth certificate.

    Marriage applicants who are aged 18 to 21 must have parental consent in writing, those aged 21 to 25 must have written parental advice (a written indication that the parents are aware of the couple’s intent to marry).

    Passport photos

    There is a ten-day waiting period before the marriage license is issued by the registrar’s office. This period is prescribed by law to inform the public about the pending license application and to give the local civil registrar an opportunity to entertain any objections to the upcoming marriage.

    For you to live in Turkey after your marriage you will need to apply for a visa as the wife of a Turkish citizen at the Turkish embassy in Manila. Please be aware that foreign nationals even those married to Turkish citizens cannot work in Turkey unless they have a work permit.
  • Re: Cyprus student overstayed-need advice to relieve from overstay remark

    So199 did you have any fingerprints taken at any time when you applied for a Cypriot
    visa ?