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  • Re: Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea

    Why not go and see an immigration lawyer and try to apply for a visa without leaving Korea on the exceptional grounds that your hisband is ill
  • Re: Need some advice on supporting documents for a UK visa


    TLS Contact centres do not yet scan documents.

    All supporting documents must be sent to Sheffield. All documents except his passport should be with you, how can the documents be up to date if they are in Tunisia.

    Look here :-
    This address should also be on the information section of the on line application form, double check the address as the Home Office can change addresses without warning.

    Your husbands should attend the Visa Application Centre appointment with his passport, proof of appointment, a copy of his application form, proof of payment of the application and the IHS payment.
    Normally only your husband is allowed in to the TLS Contact centre.

    All supporting documents are sent to Sheffield, including a copy of the application form, proof of appointment and proof of all payments.
    You must also submit with the documents form VAF4A Appendix 2 financial requirements and the Sponsorship Undertaking form
    Both forms must be completed by hand and submitted with the supporting documents.

    Please remember that when you complete the on line application form it is your husband to whom the form is asking the questions not you.
    If you need any further help let me know.
  • Re: I met a Tunisian man online and I need advice from the ladies and men who live there, please!

    Why are you going to Tunisia in the winter? It can get quite cold especially at night.
    I dont find Tunis the most interesting or attractive of capital cities.
    Sidi Bou Said is well worth a visit the Bardo museum and ancient Carthage. If you like that sort of thing.
    I suggest you find your own hotel and not leave it up to your friend.
  • Re: I met a Tunisian man online and I need advice from the ladies and men who live there, please!

    Of course you have many companies in America because it is a highly developed, capitalist industrial country.
    Tunisia is a very small developing country with high unemployment. By the way most graduates do not study for a Masters in Tunisia as this qualification is not recognised or equivalent to US, UK or European degrees. Most graduates study for their Masters in another country so that their qualification will be recognised outside Tunisia.
    As @Leslie said there are very few US companies in Tunisia. Due to terrorism Tunisia is not seen as a country to invest in.
    Your an adult have a nice holiday
  • Re: How can my British friend divorce Algerian man if they were married in Tunisia

    If your friend has the original marriage certificate then she can divorce him in the UK. She does not need any documents from him. Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK, so there is no problem to divorce in the UK.
    Many solicitors have fixed fees for divorces and if she is on a low income or benefits she may not have to pay the court fees