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  • Re: asking about south korea

    Of course you cannot use a different name, your biometrics are on record in South Korea,which would easily provide your true identity. If you were caught using a fake identity in South Korea you would be in very serious trouble and could be sent to jail before being deported again.
    @CheersTerry is correct follow his advice and try to do things legally.
  • Re: Netherlands Tourist Visa Refusal - Minor case

    Winter in Europe and such a long trip is no place for such small children.
    You can only appeal with the information given. You are not the problem, your younger brothers cannot show the same ties as you.
    I know you want to visit Europe maybe you should wait until your children can travel with you or they can be left with your mother.
    Its up to you but if you apply again with three brothers you will be refused
  • Re: Visa for the Netherlands refused

    You have dug up a topic from one year ago. Please start a new thread with your question thank you
  • Re: What to do if your Schengen Visa gets denied?

    You may have had an easy experience but other do not. Particularly those living in very poor countries and young men
    Many people cannot afford the Premium service.
    I really cant see the point of your post other than to gloat, as it certainly does not help any one.
    You have also posted in the wrong section this topic is what to do if your schengen visa is denied. When in fact your boasting how easily you received your visa
  • Re: Additional requirement for visa - source of funds

    If you have deposited large amounts of money in your bank account you must show where the money came from