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  • Re: Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea

    So what information do you have Moroh for stating "yes he can go back....."
    Please explain.
  • Re: Bad idea to go to Pakistan? Safety in Pakistan

    So , the major governments are all completely wrong and have misconceptions about Pakistan  and you base this on your family who are Pakistani nationals living and working in Lahore.

    Several foreigners and their guides were murdered this summer in a peaceful area in the mountains in the North of Pakistan

    If  a group of professional mountain guides could not protect their clients, then how can a young wedding photographer assure the safety of foreigners

    In March 2013 a mob attacked the Christian area of Lahore destroying 2 churches and over 100 houses.
    Several places have been bombed recently in Lahore such as a shoe store in Liberty Market a bus stop near FC College as well as shopping centres , mosques and government buildings.

     On Sunday September 2013 two suicide bombers blew themselves up as people were leaving the morning service at the oldest church in Peshawar. 

    Helena you also forgot to mention the polluted smog that regularly engulfs Lahore and is dangerous to those with health problems,

    Pakistan may be beautiful and have culture but it is dangerous for foreigners.