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  • Re: Must get electronic e-visa online before you arrive in Turkey

    I feel this is just a way of advertising your business :o(
    Why bump up a post from 2014 otherwise?
    The visa on arrival is still currently available for some nationalities albeit at a greater cost than obtaining it online before travel (e.g UK passport holders - Online visa is 20USD but the visa on arrival is 20GBP).
    All information is available on the evisa website

    For residents permits this is the official website
    Doc Martins Surgery for Expats Facebook page has all the information need to apply for a residents permit
  • Re: Refugees in Turkey

    Alethia it's heartbreaking. I am sure the mods here are of much better fibre. It seems to be just one forumite reporting all the posts on the other forum and they are automatically removed.
    Currently there are 2 million refugees in Turkey and I would guess the majority are heading to places to cross to Europe. Here in Antalya there are several families settling in empty apartments without electricity etc until they secure work to pay for the deposits etc. They are being helped but the situation in Bodrum is getting critical as families try to sleep in parks etc. At the moment there is a baby only a few days old - a local medical centre has helped.
    Where is Bob Geldoff (or similar) to get things moving on this?
    Sorry I am rambling again.......