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  • Re: Turkey Visa

    This is the official government website
    Others charge you more or don't deliver the visa.
  • Re: Some Tips for visiting Turkey

    Depends where you want to visit and the time of year you are travelling. Bodrum Milas airport serves the area of the Bodrum peninsula. Izmir Airport would be best for the area around Izmir, Kuşadasi, Ephesus etc.
    There are many private transfer companies to take you from the airport to your hotel which are usually the quickest means for that part of your holiday.
    A few more details about your proposed holiday would enable people to offer you the best advice.
  • Re: Vacation for 3 days in Turkey - Antalya

    Alethia has given you some excellent advice. For a hotel in a very convenient location for exploring the area and close to the centre, museum, 5M Migros shopping mall, the aquarium and on bus routes have a look at the Rixos Downtown in Konyaalti.

    The Hotel Su is in the same area but a little closer to Konyaalti Beach

    The Barut Akra is also in a very good location to give you a good base for exploring. It is on the other side of the city centre to the other two but on bus routes and in a beautiful location.

    Hopefully these will give you a starting point.
  • Re: Some Tips for visiting Turkey

    First of all Antalya is beautiful!
    Temperatures are generally around the high 20s deg C but there is a chance of storms or showers. Evenings can start to get chilly so worth making sure you have cardigans etc - I'm sure you'll have them for leaving the UK and flying back there.
    It is best to exchange just a small amount of money to Lira for the first couple of days prior to travelling and then exchange here in Turkey. Traders do accept GB, Euros etc BUT to their advantage not yours!! Plastic is widely accepted and there are plenty of ATMs with English as an option.
    Safety cannot be guaranteed anywhere these days unfortunately. I live and work here and have no intention of leaving in the foreseeable future. Do keep an eye on the Foreign Office website
    But while the alert is high in Turkey it s severe in London - just to add perspective :o)
    Remember to do your evisa(s) before you travel at the official website

    And most of all have a wonderful holiday :smiley:
  • Refugees in Turkey

    As many of you are aware there is a crisis world wide as these desperate people flee the situation in their home country. Many are arriving in the Bodrum area of South West Turkey before taking a treacherous sea crossing to Kos Island in small boats.
    A group in Bodrum has formed to provide help to these people. The Facebook page is

    Unfortunately another very well known travel forum is removing any posts on this as they are deeming them non travel related I guess but as the refugees are gathering in popular resort areas and holiday makers are asking how to help this is very much travel related.

    Several local businesses are helping by being 'drop off' points for items of clothing etc and some are providing trays of food. Migros has agreed to assist with its online shopping by holding the foodstuffs etc until they can be distributed. There is a list of foods needed plus clothing and sanitary products. Small toys are being requested for the children.

    The group cannot accept money directly due to legal stuff but contact can be made with those working there to for example earring to book a hotel room for a day so some can shower etc or with restaurants to pay for meals.

    If you're a tourist on holiday in Yalikavak and don't want to take home your towels, shoes, sandals, old clothes, toiletries you can take them to Zorro Bar and we will take them to Ortakent where items are being sorted and given out to the refugees in and around Bodrum.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and if you are heading there Thomas Cook will allow you 5kg extra baggage allowance on your outward journey for charity goods. Call 01733 224 808 and stay on the line until the last option. The pack has to be separate to your baggage and labelled Charity Care Package.

    Transavia Holland are also offering help for travellers from Holland. The following message has been posted 'If you send your bookings number in a private message to Transavia on Facebook, they will take care over the extra 20 kilos for the refugees, please tell everyone you know!''

    Thank you in advance.