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Ella Johnson


Ella Johnson
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  • Re: Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea

    Hilal, as Alethia has pointed out, the only way to be sure of whether you can enter the country is by contacting the relevant authorities. You don't even say what country you are from. But regardless, from what I've heard about South Korean immigration there are a variety of different types of blacklisting, depending on the reason, and it is almost impossible for us to guess whether you will be allowed back into the country. Contact your nearest South Korean embassy and ask them directly.
  • Re: Why Doesn't the Convention Apply to Australian Immigration Law? I'm afraid there's not much we can do to help you. All we can do is tell you what the law is and give you advice about how to proceed - we can't change the law. You clearly know the legal situation and you don't want advice on how to live your life, which I can understand. The above post has been edited to eradicate the bad language. If you continue to post aggressive diatribes you will be banned. If you have any practical questions you want answered please pose them.