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  • Re: Is Nigeria somewhere to visit as a tourist?

    Lagos is a great place to visit. Great nightlife, great clubs, hip, well-educated, ambitious people. To get the most out of this unique city, stay on 'the island' - the other half of the city which is really upmarket with world class hotels, clubs, tourist resorts, and first class residences. All the better if you have a Nigerian friend to take you around. You'll have an absolute blast.
  • Re: Is Nigeria somewhere to visit as a tourist?

    Most of these comments seem to be made by people that have never visited Lagos! LOL!

    Like all cities in the world there will be pros & cons!

    I am 23years old born and raised in London. I first went to Nigeria in 2008 with my mum because I was misbehaving at school. Rather than a punishment this turned out to be the best holiday ever. I stayed at Porthacourt with family and had the time of my life.

    In April 2011 I visited Lagos for the first time. I went with a group of girls but to be honest I kept to myself, met new people and did my own thing.

    I stayed at a hotel called Aries Suite located at Osbourne Estate Ikoyi the hotel was gorgeous. I met a few cousins and we spent our days chilling by the pool then went out for dinner or lunch at Radisson Blu and spent the evening either at a club or at an event LAGOS NEVER SLEEPS

    I was so sad when I came back from London so when I got my next student loan instalment I booked my ticket and went with my sister and best friend. We stayed for 5 weeks at a hotel called Manyxville located at Lekki phase 1. Honestly this was the best Christmas ever we had so much fun. Every evening we'd get back to the hotel and gist about the day. We even went to protest during the subsidy crisis and I remember calling my mum in London to tell her and she cussed us to go back to the hotel LOL!

    I have since returned to Nigeria 4 times this year on my own. Like seriously all this street wise thing that goes for all cities. I personally don't club anymore I am actually setting up my own business which is going so well and I have met amazing people. I love Nigeria and I cannot wait to finish my degree and get back to Nigeria.

    Polluted air? LMAO at least our government aren't participating in chemical trials! (Please google)

    Travel with security?! You might aswel wear a sticker on your head that says 'hey I'm important Rob me!'

    Airport issues? LOL the only issues I have ever experienced at Lagos airport is waiting 1hour for my luggage but they are currently renovating the airport.

    Don't travel late at night unless you are with a group of people you can trust.

    To be honest I wouldn't do what I don't do in London in Nigeria. I won''t travel late at night or even get on a night bus. I won't trust or follow random people, I wouldn't go clubbing on my own.

    Just go to Nigera and be nice, kind and polite. See nigeria for yourself. My white sisters don't go and fall in love and keep your pants on LOL! Don't put yourself in an awkward situation. Book your hotel from here, make sure you have money and to be honest if you are going for the first time go with someone. Plan your trip get the hotel to arrange a tour guide.

    It doesn't matter where you go in the world it is God that protects. So pray before you leave the house/hotel :-)

    Checkout my website like I said I went to Nigeria and was inspired to do something big! I will forever Nigeria.

    If I had money I would be there now. Who wants to pay for me LOL if you'd like to work on my show check my site and sign up! You'd be required to live and work in Lagos for a month!

    @Angeleyess I don't believe you have ever been to Nigeria talk less of Lagos. You will never see a young girl of eight lol at a club. I went to every club on the island and never ever saw young children especially as thier are huge bouncers at the door! Who would let them in? Most people drive or have a driver what reasonable person would drop a child to a club. Please don't rubbish my country and stop with the lies. Where is the proof? If you saw this why did you not take a picture and blog about it or report it to the blogs such as Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija?
  • Re: BTA fees

    Jewels regarding your post on Jul 17th 2011:
    I have been talking to a man called Dave Bernhardt, then Christian Hernandez, and recently John Raymond from US Army on a dating site. I believe they are all the same. I talked to Dave Bernhardt on the phone, who claimed to be an Australian living in UK, working in oil rigs. He would come to Australia after purchasing diamonds in Dubai. He sent me even his travel itenerary from KLM and asked me to meet him at the airport. Then, he called me asked me to lend him $5000 to pay for the government tax in Dubai. I cut the ties with him. Later Christian Hernandez, with the same writing style, similar sort of story appeared. I cut the ties with him too. This morning he contactd me as John Raymond from US Army. Please don't believe any word he is saying. I saw this name on international fraud website, claiming that he is from US Army but lives in Bolton.
  • Re: Wedding in Malawi

    I would advise to all of you guys no to travell to malawi on your special day. Tha Land is full of croocks. You will be sad in stead of being overwhelmed by happyness and joy.
  • Re: Wedding in Malawi

    I have so many sad stories tell you about my stay in Malawi. I am an American woman and last year went to marry a Malawiyan in Malawi (Blantyre). I know the guy long time a go when I was Volunteering in Malawi with one NGO. In short I did all my best to please him and his family and consquently I run out of my money (but not my love) to solve and support all his personal and family problems. Unfortunatly I was not resiprocated by warm love, kind heart and carring. Instead he did all inhuman and despicable savage acts and the most daunting thing for me was he was helped by the police, migration and the currupted judges. Eventually I left malawi sworing not to dream about it again. Oh dear friends I strongly advise Please don't please dream to go the land of criminals and crooks.