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  • Re: Visa requirements for Tunisia

    Hi Lesley

    I'm a filipino citizen living in the united kingdom. I plan to go on holiday in Tunisia at the end of august and will need a visa. I contacted the tunisian embassy in London for an application form for a tourist visa but they've not got back to me. I've emailed them and phoned them and no one seems to bother getting back to me?!! Is there any way I could apply online to make it a lot easier for me without having to go through the hassle of going to london and applying in person?! And how long does it take to get a visa?

  • Re: How safe is Kuwait?

    Hi everybody. My brother has got job in KUwait with 350 KD with free accommodation and transport. Is it good salary
  • Re: Is Nigeria somewhere to visit as a tourist?

    going to Nigeria in october.

    i've never been there, but for my experience in consiedred "dangerous" countires (just to say a few countires, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Timor Leste and in Africa only Mozambique), there is a lot of sensacionalism and too much alarm for not so much. Be awere of advices related to crime, scams and terrorism. But also be awere that the chance of something happen, if you take some basic cares, though not impossible, it is low. But of course everybody has your own idea about whats a safe country. I'am from Brazil, for examle, and I live in Rio. I believe it'd ridiculous for me to considere Nigeria a more dangerous place...

    Malaria is a real problem, though - just after the rain saeson even worse.

    Good Luck, i guess it's an amazing country
  • Re: Marriage after meeting on internet - advice please

    This is soooo funny. First of all I understand that Nigerian men are not romantic men and a lot of woman from the states and other countries thrive off that. How can a man love someone that he never met or been around?? I am married to a Nigerian man and there are a lot of things I have learned from him about the culture ( But I met him in the States). One thing I know so well is how far some of the men will go to get there green card or get out of Nigeria, even if it mean telling a woman he love her. lol. I bet if you told him that you wanted to come and live in Nigeria with him that he would stop calling you and cut out all that love stuff. I don't understand why white woman are so gullible to fall for the hype. Also I have seen where Nigeria men play nice once they get out of Nigeria and once they get their papers they start showing there true color. The family most of the time don't see nothing of you but money and a way for them to maybe get out as well because once he leave they see as a way for them to get money and send it back home and hopefully one day divorce you and bring over his real wife and mother...etc. I am sorry to say but take your time and don't trust it.
  • Re: How would you know if your boyfriend you've met thru internet is for real and not a scammer?

    Please take note,and never send money. I met a guy online who wanted to come to Australia to meet me. He lived in South Africa but was from Congo. We chatted on webcam all the time and on the phone. He couldnt get a visitor visa so I went there to meet him. I went 3 times and the last time with my parents to meet him when he propsed. We were together 18 months when he stopped answering my calls after we supposedly lodged a fiance visa application. All up I spent $40 000 supporting various things he told me about from sick to died relatives to loosing his job needing a new phone so we could talk, to appartment that i could easily stay visiting and to help him pay- which I did to help our relationship. In the end he lied stole the money and didnt come or even place the application leaving me broke and hertbroken. So please be careful, seeing their face on webcam, talking on the phone knowing where they work, and meeting them are all not signs that they arenot scammers. I am an intellegent woman who got caught because I fell in love, and I guess in love with the wrong man.