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  • Re: UK / Nigerian Scammers

    Has anyone received messages from a James Scott Roman? His yahoo acct. is There is a pic of a gorgeous man that was posted on under the name IceCakes_man. We IM'd for several days and he told me he was living in London and was coming back to the States and wanted to meet me. He even sent me a copy of his plane reservation and hotel booking. Right after that, he told me that he was short $600 for his plane ticket and wanted to know if I could send it to him. He claims to have a PhD in Agricultural Research; that he graduated from Central FL University in 1991; that his parent were killed in a car accident in CA 14 yrs. ago; that he is Italian; and has no siblings.
    Ladies, the picture he has posted he is absolutely gorgeous, but when he writes to you, it becomes obvious that he is not a PhD educated man from the US.
    Please, if you have any information on this man, please post. Otherwise, just beware of this name and email address.
  • Re: UK / Nigerian Scammers

    does anyone know a name kris david in sandy bedfordshire but work in kier construction ltd. he was civil engineer in nigeria
  • Re: UK / Nigerian Scammers

    Beware of scammer calling itself Lewis Ficher. I refer to this scammer as 'it' cause I believe it was a women not a man. Met it on called itself 'soulminded1969' in Dec 2009. Said it came from Finchley had relocated there from Sitka in Alaska 9 months previously. Mentioned the address 4 Katlian Street, Sitka, Alaska 99835. Said it had a Son called Craig aged 9 who lived with its Grandmother, Sharon, back in the States. Its Father I was told died 5 years before and its wife who it referred to as its 'ex' died in an accident ?car 2 years previously in Florida having ran off with its best friend who it called Johnson. It told me it was 40 and ran a small computer business. Said it was in Lagos on business trip and had its son with it and hoped to be back just before Christmas. To cut a long story short lots of twists and turns and requests for help with hotel bills and that was me off. The line I was spun was it had ordered computors from China but when the containers were shipped a maximum load had been delivered more than the amount ordered and the goods wouldnt be released until excess paid on the rest hence it didnt have any more money to pay hotel etc.
    email address which I have reported was
    Other names dropped during our conversations included the hotel manager, Michael Phillips and an Egyptian businessman, Mr Shally.
    I did speak to this so called Lewis several times on the phone the male voice sounded American, equally the hotel manager sounded African and the other guy maybe Egyptian. This Lewis gave me their mobile numbers... sadly all deleted now.
    In addition this Lewis claimed to have schooled in the Netherlands and emailed on one occasion in Dutch.
    Hope this info help someone out there
  • Re: Scams in Lagos Africa

    Same story, so far I have submited his pics to find if he is genuine or not, I haven't been found his pics where scammers take , i mean different sites, as u have said pretty words from a pretty face. I haven't given any cent, and I won't. He insists his love is real, I have to admit that he has class and good comman of the language. I didn't know about this, I thought all people were nice hahaha I know bad ones outside, the worst part is no the money they take from people, it is how they hurt, mainly woman. I will post his mail, till I am sure about his identity. Now everytime I got a mail, i trace the origin here you have the link to do it.
    You only need to clik on the name of the message with the right mouse, get the IP and post on the link and you can get where it comes from. I hope it helps.
    If anybody can help me to find if the pictures are genuine or not, please let me know. I will appreciate your help
  • Re: Scams in Lagos Africa

    Has anyone met someone from the African region that was real. I have been chatting and the person doesn't ask for money, will not travel to where I am. Offered to meet there. Uses the webcam frequently. Seems genuinely nice. Been chatting for a month now. Meets online at the dedicated times and appears to do their daily activities correctly to the time differences. Is it possible that this could be a nice person just in a bad area that is over populated with the scams? Let me know what you all think.