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  • Re: Marriage in Algeria

    @mariahamza - of course they can be married in Algeria and it is not hard. She just needs to get all her documents together (like you did) and have them translated (as you did). The requirements for marriage in Algeria are almost identical to those of Tunisia.
  • Re: Jordan - friendly to Americans?

    Jordan is a very, very safe country and welcomes everyone including Americans. In fact there are a lot of sites that USAid have contributed or sponsor - so please don't be nervous. Forget the travel warnings!!!!! Jordan and Israel have friendly relations and agreements between each other. Jordanians are freindly and very hospitable and will be happy to assist you in any way. But - Jordan is an Arabic/Islamic country so behave in a respectful way and dress modestly and you will enjoy yourself.
  • Re: Is It Safe to Travel to Tunisia after the June 2015 Terror Attack?

    Alethia - politically motivated in that we won democracy, against all odds. By attacking tourists in Tunisia Daesh (Islamic State) are trying to destabilise our economy. Tourists contribute over 15% of our income annually so it is very important to us. If we lose that amount, indeed if any country loses that amount of income there is the high probability of unrest and unemployment. Taking these factors into account this is where IS takes territory and murders those who do not consent to their ideology. This is what I mean by political. As we know the western media and governments tend to overdo the horror and terror alerts. Like anywhere else in the world, if you are a tourist then you must be aware of your surroundings and belongings at all times. Especially if you are with a large group of foreigners at any tourist site or hotel etc. However, saying all of there currently an alert out against tourists going to the States??? Probably not.
  • Re: best time to go to Tunisia?

    ghost - my opinion that the weather in mid October is the best. Still hot, water very warm, balmy nights!! The best