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  • Re: Getting married in Turkey -Certificate

    @Alethia - you are an amazing person!!!!!!!!
  • Re: Help me i need advice: scam?

    Fragile heart - an orfi marriage is not a real marriage as you will know. It is a convenience for the man to have relations outside of official marriage. It means nothing and he can't do anything with it as far as I know. My advice is to stop your contact with him and how about changing your number, your email account etc. etc. This will stop him!! He wants money and perhaps a visa and that's all. I'm sorry that you are in this position but you are right, many women get the wool pulled over their eyes this way. I'm glad that you are strong and not believing him.
  • Re: Help me i need advice: scam?

    Confused123 - you are going to be scammed. Sorry but I don't know how else to tell you this. Why does he want your passport to transfer money (to you)??? He only needs to get the cash and send it by Western Union. In fact why don't you suggest that to him, but I'm sure he'll come up with some reasons why he can't. Please be warned!!
  • Re: British male and an Algerian girl getting married in Tunisia

    @nazilicious - so you asked a 'British' lawyer. Is he aware of the laws of Tunisia. @Alethia is giving you the correct information! It is much easier to marry in Tunisia if your fiance brings his British papers - believe me!! The Turkish dox can be translated in Tunis and it is easier if all the other documents are in English - they are very easily and quickly translated. How can the CONI be written in 7 languages? Even so - it has to be certified etc.
  • Re: Algerian/British Dual Citizenship query

    @mariahhamza - you need to be mighty careful. In Islam the father is considered the rightful parent and guardian of the children of the marriage whether the wife is Muslim or not. He can get a passport for this yet to be born child and take it back to Algeria or alternatively if you visit Algeria with the child he can deny your taking the child back to the UK. Your children even though born in the UK are still considered Algerian because of the nationality of the father. There are many reasons to be suspicious. Be warned that many men from North Africa will marry a foreigner for a visa and consequently a passport. They can and majority do then divorce the wife, take the child and bring over the girl that has been waiting while the husband gets his ILR. Please take care!!