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  • Re: U.S. Citizen Wanting to Marry in Tunisia

    @aslansglow - repost?? Just go to the thread and read it!
  • Re: I want to know your bucket lists!

    My bucket list musts are: Cuba (sorry @CheersTerry ) always wanted to go but never made it. Mongolia, Russia and on top of my list is.....drum roll.........Afghanistan. Yes I know I'm crazy!
  • Re: I need advice please...

    @arsenaldoll - Tunisia is my home now. I have been here for a long time and I feel happy here. I have been a nomad for a very long time and like @Alethia lived in a lot of countries. But now my feet have found their place.
  • Re: I need advice please...

    @arsenaldoll - don't be scared in Australia! I am an Aussie but now live in North Africa. Australia is a wonderful country, majority of people are warm and friendly, the system is easy to work out and the culture, well it is multi-cultural. The Chinese and Afghanis were the first real immigrants going back to the early 1800's and it's just got better since then. You will find people of every national and it is said that you can eat out at a different ethnic restaurant every day for more than 1 year. Aussies are adventurous and curious by nature, so expect to make a lot of friends in your first few days. Love Australia and it will love you back double. Good luck!!
  • Re: Tunisian marry to Icelandic girl

    @Alethia @nadiabaaroun1973 - yes that is correct, this law was passed, however, like everything in Tunisia if the child's father objects then there can be problems! Someone I helped got a letter of permission from a Judge..............that certainly got her on the plane with her children