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  • Re: I want to know your bucket lists!

    Hi, Bert

    Fascinating idea for a discussion topic! My bucket list goes like this:

    1. The Philippines: Famously friendly people, a fascinating history, and mind-bogglingly beautiful islands, beaches and marine life.

    2. Russia: Perpetually steeped in mystery and intrigue, Russia backs up the mystique with tsarist decadence, epic soviet monuments, and dramatic landscapes.

    3. A South American road trip: Start off in Colombia and travel through Peru to Bolivia. Navigate dangerous roads, trek through jungle and breath crisp, thin air in some of the world's highest cities.
  • Re: Things to do in Manila?

    So, my first recommendation would be to visit Intramuros (inside the walls, roughly translated) in Manila. It's the old colonial walled city and inside it you can visit the San Agustin church - the oldest church in the Philippines and the only original building in Intramuros that was left standing after Manila was virtually destroyed during WWII. Fort Santiago, also in the walled city is dedicated to the hero of Filipino independence, Jose Rizal - you can learn about his imprisonment and martyrdom by walking through some fascinating exhibits in the fort which centre around his life and work. Next, go and check out the American Cemetery in Taguig, Manila. For the famous Manila nightlife check out the bars and clubs in the old Malate district of Manila.

    I hope this helps!