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  • Itinerary for travelling in Ethiopia and things to see

    Hello - I have always wanted to go to Ethiopia and am planning a trip for next year. Has anyone travelled there recently? I would like ideas for suggested itinerary and things to see in the country. Also, when is the best time to visit Ethiopia? M
  • Re: Is Nigeria somewhere to visit as a tourist?

    Lagos is becoming safer with CCTV cameras and police patrol cars, but it's still not a destination for an inexperienced traveller. There are still travel warnings in place from the FCO and US State Department. Of course you can find no-go areas in NY, and there will be areas of relative safety in Nigeria, but in general be careful.

    You wouldn't visit Nigeria for the tourist attractions, there aren't many, but it's a fascinating country, and Lagos is one of the commercial hubs of the continent, with a dynamic (if corrupt) economy, buzzing nightlife, huge arts and music scene, great restaurants and even a few beaches, if you can fight your way through the traffic.

    Two of the most popular beaches near Lagos are Tarkwa Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Eleko Beach. Tarkwa is a man made beach only a few miles from the city and remains relatively secluded. Lighthouse Beach, near Tarkwa, is famous for its namesake lighthouse, which guards Lagos Harbor. Eleko Beach is a favourite with locals and is a 45-minute (to two hour) taxi journey from downtown Lagos. There is a touristy market, restaurants and bars.
  • Re: Advice for viewing Great Migration in Kenya

    The best time to witness the migration is between June and August, the exact time varies from year to year depending on the weather among other things. There is already some detailed in on this on another questions see: Best time to see the Wildebeest migration. And if you do go and see it, please do come back to the forum and tell us about it - I have been to Kenya and Tanzania but seeing the famous migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara is still on the list of things to do.